Michaela Legl-Bruckdorf has been a protagonist in the mental health field since 1992. Her various roles as a sociologist, a substance abuse counsellor,  a screenplay writer and director for English Theatre for children, her experiences as a psychodrama therapist and last but not least her passion for the creative arts lead to the decision to become a Psychodrama-Theater Practitioner. She is the first graduate of a multi-layered experiential training with Maria Theresia Schönherr in Vienna, Austria. Schönherr is a founding member of the Psychotherapy School of Psychodrama in Austria.


Michaela started her work in New York where she has lived for 10 years. Today she lives with her family in Lower Austria at the beginning of the Alps and works with her clients in Vienna, Wiener Neustadt and Ternitz.  

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Michaela Legl-Bruckdorf, B.A., MSc


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