PsychoDramaTheater-Theater with therapeutic benefits for native and non-native speakers

What ist Psychodramatheater?

Psychodramatheater is "All for All Theater“.

The participants switch between the role of actor and the role of audience member.

Psychodramatheater connects art with mental health, improvisation with  self-experience. 

We draw our inspiration  from the world of fairy tales, myths, universal literature and screenland, short-term political events, everyday stories, poems and other creative works of the participants. 


Permission to be everything, not having to be anything.....

 "Acting as if" allows us to grow beyond ourselves and to dance life's fandango with passion. Humour  helps us through life's upheavals, letdowns and our self-deceptions. 


The stage as a rehearsal for life.....

Psychodramatheater offers a stage where mutual inspiration sets us free from the struggles of life. Creative acts are born to reveal the entireness and vitality of mankind.

Ongoing Psychodramatheater - Group in English

An Invitation to an Encounter

What heals your life's drama?

We are acting drama instead of getting lost in our drama. Thus we create a space where life can find its complete expression. Psychodramatheater will make you rediscover your inherent joy of playing.

Participation does not require any experience  in acting but the willingness to converse in English!


Location: Ziehrerplatz 9, 1030 Wien

Time: April 15th 2016, 6pm - 9pm

            May 20th 2016, 6pm - 9pm

            June 10th 2016, 6pm - 9pm

            summer break

dates for September-December to be announced

Costs: 50 Euros, students: 35 Euros, 

retirees: 45 Euros

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Michaela Legl-Bruckdorf, B.A., MSc


 Tel.:0664 8937 872



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